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Tailored shipments of fresh cut flowers - in bulk and smaller quantities, to various regions in Russia for low prices! We pay special attention to the optimal packing of flowers and control the loading process. Flowers are regularly shipped directly from the best growers in Ecuador, Columbia, Kenia, The Netherlands and Israel.

Are you already a client of Enigma Flowers Trading? In addition to our online store Enigma Flowers, ), you can use our Mobile App on your phone. Select and buy flowers of the highest quality for competitive prices for your wholesale or retail business! Select and purchase in bulk our fresh cut flowers of the highest quality for competitive prices for your wholesale or retail business! Choose from a broad assortment of fresh cut flowers, potted and outdoor plants on our website or your phone via the Mobile App. Do you want to become our client? Register now on our website - Enigma Flowers.

enigma flowers webshop
enigma flowers webshop
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Enigma Flowers Webshop

Основное правило нашей работы — это высокое качество цветов и индивидуальный подход к клиенту.

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  • Our Mission​

    Our mission​ We make life of those around us brighter and more exciting We are a team of professionals with an extensive experience in flower industry We work to make our clients’ business more successful every day We strive to improve the world we live in When you think about flowers, you think about us… Our values​ We value our clients We take care of our employees We help our partners quickly and efficiently resolve issues of any kind We always keep our promises Our vision We continuously work to improve our business processes and always strive to be the best company on a flower market  Our philosophy ​ High quality service Always meeting our obligations Creating trusting and sustainable long-term relationships with our partners and customers  

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  • About Our Company

    Enigma Flowers Ltd. is one of the leading international trading companies specialised in floriculture products. For over 19 years we have been exporting luxury flowers, pot- and outdoor plants, foliage and planting material to wholesalers and retailers worldwide. With our export centres strategically located in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, we provide our customers with the broadest selection of fresh flower products throughout the year. We acquire flowers directly from select growers, buy them at the auctions, and carefully form our assortment to ensure excellent product quality through each season. Efficient handling and our own pre-cooling system allow us to sustain high quality of flowers even in hot summer months. Our customers can choose how to buy their flower products from a number of easy and convenient ways, including shopping in our modern web-shop or even ordering flowers on a go through the original Enigma Flowers app Our customers work on a daily basis with...

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  • Branches

    Enigma Flowers Ltd, with its head office located in Israel, has been one of the leading flower export companies active on European and CIS counties market for several years now. We supply flowers grown around the world to our customers all year round. To ensure we work in the most efficient way possible, we have our own flower export centres in The Netherlands, Israel, Columbia, Ecuador, Costa-Rica, Kenia and Ethiopia:  

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